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Order Procedure

Initial Discussion: At the clients first contact we will be happy to have more information regarding the
  • Type of product you are interested in,
  • If you are a wholesale or retail business,
  • The quantity of product you may be interested in, and
  • Your deadlines for production.
At this information, we can begin to tailor a production package that would suit your requirements. At this point you may like to order some sample products. If so, we follow the following procedure.
  1. Sample order acknowledgement. If you do not receive an email confirming the receipt of your sample order, it is likely there has been a communication problem and we may not have received the email. Under these circumstances, please resend your email.
  2. When the samples are ready, we send them via post (for example EMS) with an estimate for the total costs of the large order and costs of transport.
  3. On acceptance of the samples by the client and receipt of larger order, please place your larger order in the following format. Please send your orders outlining:
    • Stock Code (if known),
    • Product description,
    • Color/Custom (if any)
    • Unit Price, and Total Price.
    We will reply with a pro forma invoice. This is an informal invoice, sent by e-mail to confirm the details of your order (product names, quantities, colors, custom requirements, unit price and total costs), and to project our date of completion and shipment. We also ask the client to nominate their international airport of choice.
    NB: For small orders, EMS may be an alternative. It delivers door to door.
  4. Confirmation and deposit. We ask the client to confirm the details of their order, and to transfer the payment to us. After this, production begins.
  5. Shipment. After delivery of the product to the shipper, we will fax you the following documents. These are required to retrieve the goods from the airport.
    • An itemized customs invoice (NOT your final
         invoice – do not pay on this invoice. This does not
         include the shipping charges),
    • A packing list for each box in the shipment,
    • A statement of materials and origin,
    • Any additional documentation (if any) that you’ve
          sent to us for your own customs bureau; and
    • An air waybill for the consignment.
  6. Final invoice. We will fax you a final invoice 2-3 days after the goods have been sent. At that time, please make arrangements for your final payment, and let us know when you’ve sent the transfer.

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