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Researching Import regulations
It is the client’s responsibility to understand import regulations and duties in country of their products’ destination. The client must enquire about import restrictions (if any), labeling requirements (if any), documentation and applicable duties to import for that particular destination. Investing time in this research will ensure that your import of products goes smoothly.
With each order we provide: s
  • An itemized invoice. Each invoice states that the products are “Handmade Cambodian craft goods”, distinguishes our products from garments (which often carries additional duty, quotas and labeling requirements) To state that products are “Made in Cambodia" may entitle the buyer to a lower duty assessment,
  • A packing list for each carton in the shipment, and
  • Statement of materials and origin.
Shipment Air: Our most common system of shipment is airfreight. This system is fast, reliable and is possible to airfreight to any international airport within a few business days. It is the responsibility of the buyer to retrieve the goods from that airport, clear them through customs, and transport them to their business.
Sea: This system is suited to large quantities of good, as it is changes by the square meter. Sea-freight can take as long a one month for delivery to port.
Promotional materials We can supply brochures or a CD Rom catalogues and for the cost of reproduction.
Raw Material Information
  • The silk used by our organisation is an average of 90 cm wide.
  • Thread Count: Approx 27 threads per centimeter
  • Silk is available in plain or twill weave according to the buyer’s requirements.
  • The silk used to create our products is hand dyed and woven in Cambodia.
  • Some of the silk used in our products is the traditional Ikat-dyed, or “Hol” silk.
  • We can source plain silks in many different colors. We can work with you to design your own silks, however, this does require time, and investment. Please send us e-mail to find out more.
  • Colors: Please find a variety of colors available together with this document. Please note that due to screen representation, colors may appear differently on your screen. For specific colors you would like us to source, we are happy to do so, please send us samples of the colors and we will send the necessary swatches.

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